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Catalyst Management Services (CMS)

CMS is a network of professionals providing management support services in the areas of consulting, research, training and turnkey implementation services. The mission of CMS is to assist development partners to achieve outcomes in an efficient and effective way.

Economics Today Magazine (ETM)

Economics Today Magazine (ETM)

Economics Today magazine (ETM) is a full-color business magazine in English, currently published twice a month. It aims at providing important, accurate, and balanced information related to development, macro-economic, and business issues. Economics Today covers important topics such as economics & business, politics & society, international news, culture & tourism, and lifestyle, and provide snapshots of key economic & financial indicators. Since its establishment, ETM works closely with EIC in sourcing and sharing information in both private and development sectors.

GOLDEN RICE (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

GOLDEN RICE (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Golden Rice is an international standard company, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery technology for drying, milling and packing rice for export market. Being one of the biggest partners, EIC provides various consultancy services with Golden Rice such as paddy market assessment and paddy collection which is conducted every year.

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